Who Can Register

The Student Access Center (SAC) works in

collaboration with the college to make the

academic accommodation process accessible to

students who need and request such support.

Who can register with the SAC?

Any student with one of the following categories

of disorders that has been diagnosed by a

professional recognized under the Professional

Code of Québec can register with the SAC : 

Learning disability: Dyslexia,

dysorthographia, dyscalculia, attention deficit

disorder with or without hyperactivity

Neurological disorders: Autistic spectrum

disorder, cranio-cerebral trauma, multiple

sclerosis, dysphasia, etc.

Physical disabilities: Cerebral palsy, spina

bifida, ataxia, etc.

Sensory impairments: Visual, auditory, etc.

Organic disorders: Cancer, diabetes, cystic

fibrosis, chronic fatigue, etc.

Mental health disorders: Anxiety disorder,

mood disorder, eating disorder, psychotic

disorder, etc.

Temporary disabilities or injuries: Injuries,

illness, medical treatment, etc.

Students who are experiencing difficulties, but

do not have appropriate documentation, may

consult the SAC counselor for a referral to other

solutions or services within or outside the college.